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Powderpuff Derby and Cupcake Contest Winners!

SU 93 held the long-delayed Candyland Powderpuff Derby on June 5. There were 16 entries from Girl Scouts and their guests. There were also four entries for the cupcake contest and a Flag Day Trivia contest.

Winner for Girl Scout races: June P.

Winner for guest races: Alessandra K.

Head-to-Head winner: Alessandra K.

Most Girl Scout car: Mr. Rick, with his Girl Scout cookie vending machine car (third from right)

Most Delicious car: Lilianna W., with her Spree/Life Saver/Lollipop car (sixth from left)

Cupcake contest winner: Lilianna W.

Flag Day Trivia contest winner: The Knecht family

Huge thanks to the Turdo family for procuring the site and the food, Shop-Rite of Greenwich for the donations, Mr. Rick and Mr. Scott for assembling and testing the track, Lizzie F. for running the brackets and races, and Ms. Kathleen for running the Trivia contest. Special thanks to Ms. Donna for all the amazing decorations!

Lilianna W., winner of Most Delicious Car and the Cupcake contest

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