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Fall Product Program 



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Family Guide 2022 coming soon!

Rewards 2022 coming soon!

Troop Guide 2022

Annual permission slip, which covers the Fall Product Program AND the Cookie program

Important Dates

September 21: Order Taking begins

October 4: Troop banking information and opt-outs due

October 6: Troop ACH Ping

October 23: Order Taking ends; Parent lock-out date

October 25: Troop lock-out date

November 7: ACH pull

November 16: Product Delivery

Important Notes
  • There is no Family Financial Responsibility form. All parents/guardians must sign the Annual Permission slip, linked above, for their Scout to participate.

  • Online order-taking is strongly encouraged for all items.

  • Girl delivery is still an option; parents are asked to consider how to deliver items safely. 

  • Troops get $1 per nut/candy item and $2 per magazine subscription.

  • Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors can opt out of rewards to earn additional profits: 5¢ more per nut/candy item and 15¢ more per magazine. 

  • Donations will once again go to Operation Jersey Cares. Every $7 donation earns the troop $1 in proceeds.

  • Make sure your scout signs in to the M2OS website and creates her personalized avatar. If she sends 15 emails and sells $275 in product, she’ll earn a personalized patch. If she sends 15 emails and sells 175 packages of cookies in 2023, she’ll also earn a personalized crossover patch!

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