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Troop Leader Resources

Renew here!

Need recruitment or renewal flyers? Download fillable PDFs here

Useful documents for Troop Leaders:

Volunteer Chart: Who needs what? Registration, Background checks, training

Form to request the background check email

Request for Certificate of Liability Insurance from GSHNJ for Venue

Request for Girl Scout Plan 2 Activity Accident Insurance:
If members are attending or participating in an event lasting more than two consecutive nights or non-members are attending or participating in any Girl Scout event

Camporee: Girl Health History Form and Adult Health History Form: Leaders should have these on file and keep them updated for every member of the troop. 

Troop Group Money Earner Form: Must be submitted to Council at least 30 days in advance of your event. 

Troop Finance Report worksheet: Use to figure out your financial report, which must be submitted through the Volunteer Toolkit by July 31 with a copy going to SU Treasurer Gail Peruzzi.

Annual Permission Slip 2023–24:

You may have your troop’s parents sign one slip which covers all NON-HIGH-RISK events for the entire membership year. Access it here online. 

Standalone Fall Product Program and Cookie Program Permission Slip, available here.

Camporee:  One-time permission slip: Download it here.

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