Cookie Resources


We have a new cookie this year: Adventurefuls! Little round brownie-like bites with caramel

and salt. No cookies have been retired from the Little Brownie Baker lineup, so we now have

nine kinds! They are $5/box (regular price). 

December 26: Digital Cookie opens for sales

Parents should get the email to sign in to Digital Cookie on or about December 16.

If you don’t receive that email by Monday, December 20, please reach out to and let us know so we can investigate. 

January 7, 2022: Paper orders start

January 30: Initial order period ends

January 31: Goal-getter period starts

February 18–27: Initial cookie delivery to Service Unit

February 25–March 27: Cookie booths

March 27: Cookie season ends

Girls may post their websites on their own social media feeds but may not advertise. GSUSA also suggests printed, hand-delivered flyers and paper door hangers with the Scout’s website address.


Girl Scouts is encouraging families to work out socially distant and contactless drop-offs for cookie deliveries.

Scouts may earn skills badges and Entrepreneur pins at all levels. 

More Resources!

Digital Cookie login page

GSHNJ Resources for Parents (This is a Dropbox link, not as tidy as last year, sorry)

GSHNJ Resources for Leaders and Volunteers (Also Dropbox)

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