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Cookie Resources


As of March 8:

  • There are no more Raspberry Rallies to be had, across the country.

  • Thin Mints, Adventurefuls, and S’mores can be shipped directly.

  • All other cookies can only be Girl Delivered. (If Grandma orders, you can fill her order from the cupboard and ship it yourself, and still save a good 30% on shipping.)

  • Booths Sign Up Genius: Sign up for a slot, then enter it in eBudde. If you have to delay or change your booth due to weather, please change it in both places.

Family Cookie Guide to download

Troop Cookie Guide to download

February 17–April 16: Cookie booths (NEW closing date!)

April 16: Cookie season ends

April 17: Final rewards and orders due

April 27: ACH balance pulled


Girls may post their websites on their own social media feeds but may not advertise. GSUSA also suggests printed, hand-delivered flyers and paper door hangers with the Scout’s website address.

Scouts may earn skills badges and Entrepreneur pins at all levels. 

More Resources!

Digital Cookie login page

GSUSA Scout Resources

GSUSA Troop Leader Resources

Little Brownie Bakers Volunteer Resources

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