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About & Contact

Use the below for information about Service Unit 93 and its leaders. For all inquiries or questions, please email
We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Follow us on Instagram: @girlscoutssu93

Service Unit 93 Management Team

Service Unit Co-Manager, Administration:  Idria Knecht

Service Unit Co-Manager, Girl Support: Kathleen McHenry

Treasurer: Gail Perruzzi

Event Coordinator: Maryanne Turdo

SUM signers: Idria Knecht/Kathleen McHenry

Product Sales 2023–24:  

  • Fall Product Program: Liz Kane

  • Cookies: Andrea Csiszlak

  • Cookie Booths: Leigh Perry


  • Eliana Hixon (2022–24)

  • Hannah Beck (2023–25)

A wise girl knows her limits.

A smart girl knows that she has none.

― Marilyn Monroe

Right is RIGHT.

Even if no one else does it.

— Juliette Gordon Low

About SU93 and SU92

Service Unit 93 covers troops in Alpha, Bloomsbury, Stewartsville, and Pohatcong.

Service Unit 92 covers troops in Phillipsburg and Lopatcong.

Our SUs join to hold events like World Thinking Day, Camporee, and the Powderpuff Derby.


Our Vision

To help girls learn, grow, discover, and lead with Girl Scout activities and programs.

Want to join our unit?

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