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Use the below for information about Service Unit 93 and its leaders. For all inquiries or questions, please email gssu93@gmail.com.
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Service Unit 93 Management Team

Administrative Manager:  Idria Knecht

Membership Support/training: Kathleen McHenry

Treasurer: Gail Perruzzi 

Girl Panel auditor: Hannah Beck

SUM signers: Idria Knecht/Kathleen McHenry

Product Sales:  

  • Nuts:  Alena Spagnuolo

  • Cookies: Maryanne Turdo

  • Cookie Booths: Tara Cleland-Caravela


            Elizabeth Fuchs (2019–2021)

            Aleyana Boothe (2020–2022)

            Alt: Kathleen, Tara, Jaimee,  Abby,  Rose, Lily (lifetime members)

Service Unit 93 Girl Panel

Girl Panel Officers:  

Hannah Beck (2020–2022)

Alessandra Knecht (2020–202*)


Girl Panel Adult Advisors:

Kathleen McHenry (sister support: Daisies/Ambassadors)

Abigail Cook (sister support: Brownies)

Jaimee Fuchs

Meaghan Fuchs (sister support 90169)

Aleyana Booth (sister support 95044)

Elizabeth Fuchs (sister support: Seniors)

Lily French-Gonzalez 

Tara Cleland-Caravella

Rick Knecht

Gail Perruzzi 

Idria Knecht

A wise girl knows her limits.

A smart girl knows that she has none.

― Marilyn Monroe

Right is RIGHT.

Even if no one else does it.

— Juliette Gordon Low

About SU93

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Our Vision

To help girls learn, grow, discover, and lead with Girl Scout activities and programs.

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