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Homework Help Volunteers: These Girl Scouts and leaders can help you with homework subjects.

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Badge-Making Videos: If you can make a video of yourself demonstrating how to earn a badge, please sign up for one here! We can post your video or a link to it here. 

We’re Girl Scouts... of course there’s a patch for that. 

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Girl Scouts USA Girl Scouts from Home Resource page for Troops, Parents, and Scouts
Warren County Library Resources for Kids page, including Storytime, books, magazines, research portals, art projects, math, science, music, LEGOs, virtual escape rooms, and lots more. 
Washington Post Parents Guide to Education and Activity Resources, which updates regularly.
Journaling Project: Dispatches from Quarantine. A museum curator is sharing journal entries from young people of the past and encouraging teens to contribute their own experiences, in whatever medium (writing, video, etc.) they choose to use. Aimed at children from middle school to age 25. 
Varsity Tutors: Expert live instruction at all grade levels; much is free. There are summer programs as well.

A lot of authors reading from their books plus links to other DRM-free books at Kate Messner’s website

Audible is making lots of stuff free

Project Gutenberg (PARENTS: this is a general site, not child-restricted. Please be aware of what your child is downloading)


Scholastic is making about three weeks of content available free on any device 

Virtual field trips, including the Great Wall of China, Yellowstone National Park, and MARS! Learn from Home

Wide Open School: All subjects, all grades.

Tinkergarten at Home: DIY week-long lesson plans to do in the backyard or on the stoop. Get outside safely.


San Diego Zoo animal live cams!


HD on Tap Live Cams: Eagles, wolves, owls, deer, cat café, falcons, giraffes, many other cams


Nightly Metropolitan Opera Streams

NPR’s list of live virtual concerts, updated daily

Slate’s list of live daily entertainment streams

The U.K.’s National Theatre Live Thursday night streams


Italian museums to visit online for free

The Louvre in Paris


Smithsonian Natural History Museum


Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam


NYC Museum of Modern Art

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