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Like a TED Talk for Girl Scouts

What’s your favorite thing in the world? What can you talk about for half an hour? What’s the coolest thing about your job, your subject, your hobby, or your history that you wish everybody knew? Come tell us!​

GWEN Gabs: The Girls and Women Education Network

Everybody has their thing that they know lots about and want to share. And sharing and talking and asking questions are some of the best ways to build community. 

We need community right now. We need Girl Scouts, of every age, to be those leaders. We need women (and men!) in our community to teach us about fascinating hobbies, the most interesting thing you’ve learned at college, or the nuts and bolts of your job. 


Service Unit 93 invites you to share your passion. Who’s your favorite author? How do you make your grandmother’s biscuits? What’s the best K-pop band? Is a hotdog a sandwich? Tell us all about it!

Earn a Patch!

Every speaker will get a custom GWEN Gab fun patch!

Earn a Badge! 

Cadettes can earn the Public Speaking badge by giving a GWEN Gab!

Email Kathleen McHenry at for details.

Join Us for a Gab

Every Sunday at 7:00 p.m. (new time!), SU93 will host a Zoom meeting.

Got something to share? Sign up here for a speaking slot.

Come Gab with us!

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