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World Thinking Day

2021 Destination: United States

Everyone’s been staying close to home... so let’s learn about home!


For this World Thinking Day, everyone can present!

Choose a state or territory. Research some facts. Then make a presentation for the Service Unit!

Host a Zoom, post a video, create a badge-in-a-box. Be creative!

ARIZONA by Nicole O, Troop 92410 (PDF)

CALIFORNIA by Troop 94301 (video)

CONNECTICUT by Troop 94304 (PDF)

KENTUCKY by Kaitlyn B, Troop 92410 (PDF)

NEW YORK by Alessandra K, Troop 92410 (PDF)

MAINE by Isabella T, Troop 90169 (PDF)

RHODE ISLAND by Emily G, Troop 92410 (PDF)

VERMONT by Ms. Idria, Troop 92410 (PDF)

Download the complete instructions here!


About World Thinking Day

World Thinking Day is an event created so that girls can learn about and appreciate the cultures and traditions of other countries. This year, we’re exploring our own country and the many cultures and traditions of the 50 states and several territories. 


Photo credit: Josh Johnson on Unsplash