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Weekly Update - January 2018

Good Afternoon SUMs,

Let’s hope for no snow this weekend (or at least to enjoy it if there is).  Stay warm.  Here are some weekly updates that some of you may know but I have added additional points


•           Volunteer Recognition has been postponed to April 3rd.  .  We will be adding it back to ebiz to reregister.  If a person already registered (paid or as a guest) it will be free.  If they cannot make it and they paid, we will be issuing refunds.  After a period of time, if we are not at capacity, we will open it up to additional members to register.  Please note no formal invitations will be sent out, but we will email and call those who pre-registered for the previous date.

  • Girl Scout week is March 10th-16th.  I will be sending out a sample proclamation and announcement for schools.  If a volunteer can coordinate for each school and contact principals for approval that would be great.  Decide if girls should wear their uniform each day that week or only one day on March 12th

•           Cookies- start January 12th.  Girls and leaders/troop cookie managers are uploaded weekly from Volunteer Systems.  Please add cookie mangers in Volunter Systems once they are registered.  If they are registered and background checked, they will be uploaded into ebudde.  We are doing an additional upload into ebudde today.

•           Great Cookie Cookoff is on March 14th at 6pm at Shackamaxon in Scotch Plains.

•           Insurance certificates were mailed out this week.  We changed carriers.  If your troop meeting places have contacted you about the certificate, please let them know it is in the mail.  Otherwise, reach out to council and we can get you a copy.  Please note, any event where you have non-members, you will need to purchase additional insurance.  More information to come on this as we are currently working on our policies and procedures

•           Summer Camp- registration went live yesterday.  Brochure in the mail to registered Girl Scouts in K-8th grade.

•           Program guide out now for current programs- will be out next month for programs in the Spring

•           New GSHNJ training next week- Camping- know before you go which is geared towards any volunteering facilitating an outdoor experience for their SU-

•           High Awards Update- all 3 High Awards can have the target audience for Girl Scouts, but cannot be an existing event such as camporee or World Thinking Day.  IF your Award is for Girl Scouts, please email for project approval.  Now 25% of hours for your Gold Award can be towards fundraising.  Must account  for hours on your project log.  As in receiving any monetary donation including grants over $250, you must email for approval.

•           YOUniverity- May 4th-5th, $5 for the day, $10 for overnight at Camp DeWitt.  GSHNJ’s gift to our volunteers for Leader Appreciation.  Will include enrichment training including STEM activities and crafts.  Food is provided.

  • Registration update- Registrar Training- we will be having a Registrar training to get ready for Spring Registration in March.  More to come. 

    • Just a reminder that we will be bringing back extended membership which will be available May 1st-July 31st only for new members.  Just remember, during that time, new members can only register for extended membership or for the current year.  We are hoping to put together additional FAQs so that we do not have any confusion this year.

    • Spring Registration- please let me know if you have ideas for incentives as we are meeting on this.  We will be hosting events again this year so please let me know if you are interested in hosting an event.

  • SUM Phone Call- please register for this if you have not done so.  Just a reminder, SU Team members are welcome to join as well.

  • SUM in Person Networking- either Wednesday January 16th at 6:30pm or Friday January 25th at 11am.  This is to meet your fellow SUMs and to ask each other questions.  Please RSVP to me.  Light refreshments will be served if at the office.  Depending on who RSVPS, we may move the meeting to a more central location. 

  • Delegates- I am still waiting to hear from some of you on who your delegates are.  Please confirm by next week as they need to be voted in by our Board at their January meeting.  They will be mailed information once confirmed prior to the meeting.  I will be reaching out at a later date to confirm whether or not they are attending the Annual Meeting on March 9th at 9am at the Olde Mill Inn in Basking Ridge.  Remember, SUMs are invited as guests if they are not delegates.  You will need to let us know if you are attending so that we have an estimate of who is coming.

  • Looker/Waiting for Troop- we are looking into what reports you can see.  There is a lapsed member report.  Please let me know if you would like me to run it for your SU. 

  • Upcoming Programs from SUs- there is still time to register for the Girl Scout Day at Rutgers Basketball on January 20th.

    • Also, the Roller Skating event on January 26th

ShowKids is hosting their next performance of Newsies in January- Jan 19th,20th, 25, 26th, or 27th.  We have many girls who are part of both Girl Scouts and SKIT so please spread the word about their next show.
Thanks so much and have a nice weekend!
Fatima Latif 
Service Unit Support Specialist
Troop Information Update Form Reminder - Aug 2018 

Good Afternoon SUMs,

Before the new Girl Scout year begins, please ask troops to verify their information in volunteer systems.  As of July 1st, grade levels should have updated.  Just as a reminder- on GSHNJ’s website, under Forms, is the Troop Information Update Form:  Troops should fill this out for the following reasons:

  1. They are disbanding or graduating (then a Service Unit Support Specialist will follow up)

  2. They are updating their meeting information (if their meeting location, day, or time has changed)

  3. They are updating their troop’s description in the opportunity catalog- aka they would like to opt out or “not display” if they have less than 10 girls or they would like to increase their troop size if they would like more than 10 girls


Please note that opting out of the catalog must be requested annually.  If a troop would like to opt out for the 2018-2019 Girl Scout Membership Year, they must receive confirmation from either myself or Sunita.

Thanks so much!

Fatima Latif

Service Unit Support Specialist

Membership SU Agenda - April 2018
  1. Volunteer Systems: please review your weekly rosters; it’s camporee/trip season- please ask your attendees to review their membership and background check status ASAP, new members who have out of council addresses must fill out physical registration forms

  2. Cookie Program: Troop Cookie Managers must be registered and background checked.

    Important dates:

    1. March 19-April 22: Booth Sales

    2. Cookie Cupboards: Thursdays 9am-7pm; Fridays 9am-3pm; Saturdays 8am-12pm

    3. April 6th: First ACH pull

    4. April 24th: Troop Final Rewards and Cookie Credit to Girls (Troops locked out by 11:59 p.m.)

    5. April 25th: Final troop paperwork due to SUCM

    6. May 4th: final ACH pull
      Note: signups for booth sales through a separate system must be also entered into ebudde for the cookie locator

  3. Summer Camp Registration 2018: opens January 5th; GSHNJ’s Camp Guide is live!
    Summer Camp 2018 Dates

    1. Camp Hoover |  July 8 to August 18, 2018

    2. The OVAL & Camp DeWitt | July 9 to August 17, 2018

  4. Spring Registration MY2019: It’s finally here!!!! You can now register family or troop (for leaders) for the upcoming 2019 membership year. Simply log into volunteer systems and click on membership or troop.  Click on the “current year” tab and change to “next year.” 
    Reminder- if you are not renewing everyone, please click “I’ll decide later” next to their name

  5. Extended Membership Registration- From May 1st-June 30th, new members only, K and above for girls, and new adults, will be able to purchase an extended membership ending on September 2019!  Fee for girls is $56 and $35 for adults. 

  6. GSHNJ’s YOUniversity: April 21-22 (optional overnight) a new event in honor of our 2018 Leader Appreciation Day. Come for a series of workshops developed with YOU in mind;

  7. GSHNJ Speakers Bureau: your resource for subject matter experts and guest speakers! The Speakers Bureau is a catalog of local subject matter expert volunteers who are willing to visit troop.  Request a speaker on our website.

  8. GSHNJ’s Camporee Director Training: Wednesday, April 11th- mandatory for all new Service Unit Camporee Directors who are leading a camporee at Camp Hoover, Camp DeWitt, or The OVAL. free

  9. Live Chat: Be Prepared: Year End Activities- April 12th, virtual, 7pm

  10. GSHNJ’s Spring Programs:

  • Camp DeWitt Tour- April 7th, all

  • Gold Award Think Tank- April 10th, S,A

  • What a Girl Can Be- April 14th, D,B,J

  • Camp DeWiit Open House- April 21st, all

  • Camp Hoover Open House- April 22nd, all

  • The Oval Camp Tour- April 29th, all

  • Awaken the Force- May 4th, The Oval, J,C

  • Campfire Sing-Along at The OVAL- May 4th, all

  • Create in the Country- May 5th, Camp DeWitt, B,J

  • Girl Scouts in Action at Rutgers University- May 5th, New Brunswick, S,A

  • Outdoor Series: Engineering Outside- May 5th, Camp DeWitt, J,C

  • Time for Turtles- May 5th, Meadowlands Environmental Center, D

  • Totally Tacos- May 5th, Kings Cookie Studio,  B,J

  • Totally Tacos- May 5th, Kings Cookie Studio, C,S,A

  • Underwater Wonders- May 5th, Meadowlands Environmental Center, B,J

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