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A GWEN Gab topic on: 

fish and fish keeping

This past week, Alessandra had a GWEN Gab on March 7th, based on fish keeping, fish, tanks, and decorations.  

Here's a little bit about the GWEN Gab! 

First, let's talk about fish keeping and maintenance. At first, Alessandra talked about decorations. She said that gravel is the best for cleaning. She also talked about glass decorations. You don't want decorations that kill bacteria. 

Here are some great fishtank rules.

1. Setting up your fish tank for the first time.

-Make sure to check for no leaks, clean your tanks and decorate them. The water heater is best at 78 or 80 degrees because it provides oxygen for the fish!

2. For the filter to be done with the bacteria is 1 month. You have to wait for it to grow!

3. When using regularity or tap water, you first want to add bacteria and conditioner. 

4. every time you filter your tank water, you should also clean it!

5. Make sure to have the right-sized tank for your fish!

Here is a chart Alessandra explained to us

- Goldfish prefers a 10-gallon tank

-A Tetra prefers a 1-gallon tank.

- A Beta prefers a 5-gallon tank.

The normal utilities you need to take care of the fish and tank are a filter, heater, air bubbler, LED light(s), and a lid in case you have any pets, and you also don't want your fish jumping out of the tank. You should also get a feeding circle, you can 3d print it or find one online!

Make sure to visit a pet store!

They will help you in many ways and help you take care of your fish!

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