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Cookie Booths 2021

Both the staff at Council and our own Cookie Booth manager have not been able to secure permission for troops to hold official booths because the pandemic continues to leave everyone in flux. Therefore, we as a Service Unit are suggesting that troops find their own booth locations. 

You may try asking at small stores, firehouses, local parks, or any other location where you think you might have success. Please do not ask at any of our usual locations, such as Shop-Rite, Stop & Shop, Wawa, Walmart, or Dunkin’ Donuts. We have already been denied those spots.


If you decide to host a booth, please enter the location, date, and time on this spreadsheet. By posting your booth here, you can help other troops to plan their booths (and not cross over into yours!).


Please note:

• All booths must be entered into eBudde, same as usual. 

Log in to eBudde. Click on the Booth Sites tab.

Click on the dropdown which says “Council Sales” and select “My Sales.”

Click “Add a Location.” Enter all the relevant information. If you are having a sale in a parking lot, use the location of the closest store. 


• Because Council was not able to secure official permission, all booths are held at your own risk. 

This means:

1) Please try to get permission before holding a booth, if possible.

2) Respect Authority: If a location owner or law enforcement asks you to move or to leave, please do so promptly and politely. You are the public face of Girl Scouts and the Heart of New Jersey council.


• Please follow GSHNJ Booth Guidance

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